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Lectures and Symposia

Plenary lectures

Kristian Berg (Oslo, NO)
Photochemical internalization (PCI) in cancer therapy: from bench to bedside medicine with a novel drug delivery technology

Douglas Brash (New Haven, US)
Cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers: where they went and what they did there - the path to skin cancer

Johan Hofkens (Leuven, BE)
Towards the rational design of fluorescent proteins tailored for super resolution imaging

Keynote lectures

Markus Böhm (Münster, DE)
Novel twists in alpha-MSH-mediated protection against UV irradiation of the skin

Mathieu Coppey (Paris, FR)
Subcellular control of signaling pathways with nanoparticles and light

Mladen Korbelik (Vancouver, CA)
Engagement of sphingolipids in light-tissue interaction

Janet Morgan (Buffalo, US)
Strategies for targeting cancer stem-like cells with photodynamic therapy

Santi Nonell (Barcelona, ES)
Genetically-encodable fluorescent singlet oxygen photosensitisers

Roman Ulm (Geneva, CH)
UV-B photoreceptor signalling


Photochemistry and photophysics of nanoparticles
Chair: David A. Russell (Norwich, UK)

Photosensitised processes: addressing environmental and biomedical problems
Chairs: Giulio Jori (Padova, IT), Mark Wainwright (Liverpool, UK)

Photosensitization in PDT: photophysics and photochemistry
Chair: Benjamin Ehrenberg (Ramat Gan, IL)

Molecular, cellular and vascular aspects of PDT
Chair: Patrizia Agostinis (Leuven, BE)

Drug delivery and nanotechnology in PDT
Chair: Kristian Berg (Oslo, NO)

Development in applications and protocols for topical PDT
Chair: Colin Morton (Sterling, UK), Lesley E. Rhodes (Manchester, UK)

Chemistry of the interaction between UV radiation and biomolecules
Chair: Thierry Douki (Grenoble, FR)

DNA repair and susceptibility genes to skin cancer
Chairs: Evelyne Sage (Paris, FR), Antony R. Young (London, UK)

Melanocytes, melanoma and UV (ESP-ESPCR joint symposium)
Chairs: Dorothy C. Bennett (London, UK), Lionel Larue (Paris, FR)

Photoimmunology: UV and PDT effects
Chairs: Jakub Golab (Warsaw, PL), Vivienne E. Reeve (Sidney, AU)

Vitamin D: impact of environmental and artificial sources of UVR
Chairs: Frank de Gruijl (Leiden, NL), Ann R. Webb (Manchester, UK)

New directions in photoprotection (ASP-ESP joint symposium)
Chairs: Henry W. Lim (Detroit, US), Dominique D. Moyal (Clichy, FR)

Photoinduced responses in skin cells and their impact in photoprotection
Chair: Marjan Garmyn (Leuven, BE)

Progress in the photosensitivity disorders (ESP-ESPD joint symposium)
Chair: James Ferguson (Dundee, UK), John L. Hawk (London, UK)

Phototherapy and photophoresis: where lies the future?
Chairs: Sally H. Ibbotson (Dundee, UK), Robert Knobler (Vienna, AT), Peter Wolf (Graz, AT)

Light, circadian rhythm and human applications
Chair: Joan E. Roberts (New York, US)

Retinoid and visual pigments
Chair: Yiannis Koutalos (Charleston, US)

Photosensory biology of opsin-based photoreceptors: from basic research to optogenetic applications
Chair: Carlo Musio (Trento, IT)

Photoreceptors in plant and micro-organisms
Chairs: Francesco Lenci (Pisa, IT), Pill-Soon Song (Jeju, KR)

UV radiation and climate change: consequences for healthy food
Chair: Janet F. Bornman (Perth, AU)

Powering the future with solar energy
Chairs: Nicola Armaroli (Bologna, IT), Massimo Trotta (Bari, IT)

Photoreactivity of drugs (ESP-Photostability Group joint symposium)
Chair: Miguel A. Miranda (Valencia, ES)

Ultrafast photochemistry, photophysics and spectroscopy (ESP-EPA joint symposium)
Chair: Eric Vauthey (Geneva, CH)

High resolution fluorescent imaging
Chair: Ranieri Bizzarri (Pisa, IT)

Imaging and photodiagnosis
Chair: Norbert Lange (Geneva, CH)